1/24 1980 #2 Jagermeister Kremer Porsche 935 K3 conversion kit (Ver. 1 or 2) for NuNu K3 kits

Classic Racing Resins

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This Resin conversion kit comes in Four different options:
-Version 1 - NO Decal sheet ($29.99)
-Version 1 - ADD Indycals Decal Sheet +$15 ($44.99)
-Version 2 - NO Decal sheet ($29.99)
-Version 2 - ADD Indycals Decal Sheet +$15 ($44.99)
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This resin kit converts the 1/24 NuNu Porsche 935 K3 into the 1980 #2 Jagermeister Porsche 935 K3 Version 1 or Version 2
-The 1980 #2 Jagermeister Porsche 935 K3 had more aggressive bodywork in the rear.
-The rear fenders had a higher downforce setup with a more curvy tail end.
-The fenders sides had a more defined outline
-Different hole configuration on the front part the fenders
-The engine/wing struts had a different design with higher fins leading up the wing struts.
-The wing endplates are more square
-This 1980 #2 Jagermeister Porsche 935 K3 had two different versions of fender configuration.
-Version 1 was used in the first half of the season
-Version 2 was used in the 2nd half of the year and the particular version I offer can build the Fall Zolder race driven by John Fitzpatrick

The kit includes:
-Two Resin fenders
-Two resin wing struts
-Two Resin rear window side fins
-Resin engine cover
-Resin rear engine cover rear panel
-Two resin square bumpers
-Resin rear wing base
-Resin wing endplates

Decals can be purchased separately from Indycals HERE
Purchased here under the optional Decal pull-down menu on this page. Decal sheet will be fulfilled by Indycals and will be shipped separately by Indycals

Other decal options for this particular car is the Porsche Kremer 935 K3 Sartec - 1980 Lemans - HERE from Spotmodel.com

Useful Information:
Comprehensive step-by-step blog instructions HERE

Built model NOT for sale, this is for example ONLY to show how the conversion kit looks like on a NuNu Porsche 935 K3 kit

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