Section 1 - Payments

 What Payment Options do you offer ?
Paypal : We accept paypal at the checkout , this is where you can use your Debit / Credit Cards without transmitting your card details, If you need to send money direct please use: orders@hiroboy.com

Credit Cards : are processed by Shopify Payments allowing us to process secure credit and debit card payments online (we never see your card details you pay direct to our bank).

Shop Pay: Powered by Shopify, Shop Pay makes checking out faster for your customers by securely saving their shipping and payment details.

Wallets: Shopify Payments accepts digital wallet payments to help you increase conversion on mobile.

Money Order/Check : Email us at info@themodelcarchannel.store if you need to pay this way.

Section 2 - Shipping information 

How do we Ship?
See our shipping Page HERE

Request for lowering declared value
Unfortunately we cannot accept requests for lowering product value. In compliance with the law, we must not falsely declare value specified on the custom declaration forms.

Will you notify me when my order ships? When you place an order you should receive an automatic email or text (If you use a smartphone - if you use a old telephone, you are out of luck, email us for tracking information). We typically ship within 1 business day.

My Order has not arrived Yet!
NOTE: Due to the Covid Crisis, mail delivery is slower than normal. We are seeing this all over the world. While many orders arrive in their normal time frame, we are seeing time frames in the 4-10 week range and we ask that you take this into consideration. (We have seen orders even arrive after 13 weeks!)

We are now offering optional first class letter shipping on decal orders for international orders. While this won't necessarily get your order to you quicker - it will provide full tracking on your order. 
The speed of Postal services in different countries vary, this is beyond our control,  Therefore until then we can not make a claim as "Loss in Post".